Basic Machine Manufacturing Technology Certificate

Would You Enjoy A Career Like This?

As a machinist, you will shape the tools and objects that make up our life, from hammers to housewares. Understanding how to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools is a skill that continues to be needed in a wide variety of industries. You will enjoy this career if you like working with precision machines, being creative, and get a satisfaction from making something with your own hands.

What This Career Could Mean For You

Employment of machinists or tool and die makers is expected to continue to grow over the decade of 2016-26. You could work with a number of different machines and tools, or specialize in one type of machine. Excellent employment opportunities exist throughout the U.S. in firms that perform repair, new product design, manufacturing, aircraft, logging and ship repair.

Machinists in Maryland will earn up to about $66,000 per year.*

Basic Machine Manufacturing Certification from HCC

This program prepares the students to be entry-level manual machinists.  Learn to use conventional lathes and milling machines as well as grinders and other equipment commonly found in manufacturing facilities. Explore manufacturing theory and practical skills as well as blueprint reading.  The program lab includes many brands of machining equipment so you will become comfortable using a variety of controls and displays.

HCC teaches machining skills that are in demand

Required Courses:

  • Print Reading for Machining
  • Basic Machining Applications
  • Maintenance Shop Skills
  • Basic Electricity

  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Introduction to Arc Welding

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Occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Machinists and Tool and Die Makers.