Strategic Management Series

Companies are seeking people with more diversity in their practical skills and knowledge to lead the organizations to higher productivity, greater market share, and continuous success. The courses below encompass a wide range of needs that businesses have in today’s market.

You will earn continuing education certificates by completing all of the courses listed under each certificate program shown.*

Employers: Harford Community College offers customized training to meet the needs of your business.

**We can design training for the specific needs of your organization at one of our facilities, or at your location. We are now also a partner with the Maryland WorkSmart program, utilizing the strengths of the Maryland Community College Network. Contact us about what your needs are, and we can develop a training program to support you!**

Any Course. Any Time. Any Location.

The Strategic Management Series can make your organization better

Team Building

  • Leading a Team
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Team Conflict Management
  • High Performing Teams

Effective Business Writing Skills

  • Basic Writing Skills
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Technical Writing

Supervisory Development

  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding Organizational Behavior
  • Managing Priorities/Deadlines
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Diversity Overview
  • Time Management

Strategic Business Management

  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Time Management

Optional Courses

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking

Customer Service Management

  • Basic Customer Service Training
  • Customer Service and Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Developing Superior Customer Service

Effective Presentations

  • Delivering Effective Presentations
  • Facilitation Tips and Techniques
  • Speaking in Public
  • Professional Presentations

Effective Communications

  • Introduction to Communication Techniques
  • Communication and Team Dynamics
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • Conflict and Communication

*Not all courses offered every semester