Medicine Aide

Under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, learn to perform the skills necessary to become a Certified Medicine Aide (CMA).


  • 2 years of full-time, compensated experience as a CNA in a Long Term Care Facility (LTC) or 1 year of full-time experience as a GNA in a LTC facility.
  • Reading (NGR) and Math (NGA) Assessments, available at the Test Center; college-level courses or SAT/ACT scores (500+) may be used in place of the NGR and NGA
  • Health Assessment, including immunization record
  • Healthcare Provider BLS CPR certification through the American Heart Association
  • Signed letter of recommendation from the Director of Nursing typed on LTC facility letterhead, including current employment and verifying a minimum of 2,000 hours of compensated employment as a CNA/GNA over the last three years.
  • Original and a copy of your current, active, unencumbered Maryland CNA/GNA registry card.


  • Medicine Aide Training

Approximate cost of the program is $714, not including textbooks.

Noncredit Registration


All textbooks for noncredit classes are available at the College Store located in the Student Center.

Contact Information

For more information, please call 443-412-2440 or email