In its 27th year, the Harford Leadership Academy is a community development program, co-sponsored by Harford Community College and the Harford County Chamber of Commerce. The Academy is designed to promote the development of existing and emerging leaders and to create a committed, involved, and diverse network of leaders in Harford County. More than 800 individuals have completed this outstanding program, including leaders representing the areas of business and industry, education, government and civic organizations. This year’s HLA participants graduated on Thursday, June 8, 2017 at Harford Community College’s Chesapeake Center. One hundred and thirty guests were in attendance. Diane Moore, Public Relations Specialist for HAR-CO Credit Union, received the HLA Alumni Association's 2016 Graduate of the Year award for outstanding community service from July 2016 through June 2017.

Through the Harford Leadership Academy, future leaders are given the unique opportunity to learn from today's leaders. They, their organizations, and our entire community benefit as Harford Leadership Academy participants gain the knowledge necessary to lead Harford County in the 21st century.

Harford Leadership Academy goals are to identify, educate, motivate, and develop potential community leaders; expose program participants to the challenges our community faces and the opportunities that are available for community growth; provide a communications network between present and future community leaders; and promote leadership on a planned, continuing basis for the development of our community.

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