Harford Community College history student Paule Audebert, who served as an HCC history intern at the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum during the summer 2017 term, was asked to present an informative talk there in early November about her research on Baltimore Clipper ships.

During her internship, Paule not only conducted research but also developed an exhibition for the museum. Beginning with only a model of a clipper ship, Paule documented the ship's technology, importance for regional commerce, the American side in the War of 1812, and 19th Century global trade. The exhibition on clipper ships that she developed is currently on display at the museum.

Paule’s research uncovered some interesting facts. The Baltimore Clipper’s design, which originated on the Chesapeake Bay, had to be particularly fast and maneuverable. Its innovation and the construction techniques used to build it helped it to outmaneuver the British fleet during the War of 1812. The ship fulfilled all the requirements of is time, and it was used for global trade traveling to the Caribbean, China, and Africa.

As one of its international students, Paule is being recognized by HCC. The College will fly a French flag in front of the Student Center to celebrate her French heritage and the close historical relationship between France and the United States. This flag joins the international flags flown near the Student Center on the HCC campus that symbolize the country of origin of HCC students, faculty, and staff.

The College congratulates Paule on her achievement.