Five Harford Community College employees, David Antol, Heidi Neff Chuffo, Supawan King, Jacklyn Madden, and Pamela Runge, have been named recipients of the 2018 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Awards.

NISOD has supported the pursuit of excellence in teaching and leadership at hundreds of member colleges for nearly 40 years. Award recipients will receive their medallions at the NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas at Austin next month.

David Antol is the Program Coordinator of Applied Technologies at Harford Community College. Antol oversees the Engineering Technology program that leads to an A.A.S. degree. As an Electrical Engineer with a Master of Science in Engineering Sciences, he brings a wide range of industry experience to the program. He not only instructs Engineering Technology courses, he also teaches Business and Computer Science courses as well. He has developed two courses in 3D printing and facilitates the Intro to 3D Printing course that has students building their own printer. Antol also shares his expertise in 3D printing with his “traveling road show,” where he takes a 3D printer to various classes across campus to explore the connection the technology has to the relative course subject. Recently, he became the Principal Investigator (P.I.) for a Regional Additive Manufacturing Pathways grant, creating a certificate program and pathway for high school students to prepare for an exciting career in additive manufacturing.

Heidi Neff Chuffo is an Associate Professor of Art + Design and manages the Drawing and Painting Studios at HCC. Heidi recently took the lead on developing the new Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.) degree in Art + Design. The Associate of Fine Arts degree is a pre-professional degree intended for students who are planning to transfer to private art or four-year colleges. Heidi is active in College service and has served as Faculty Council Chair for the past two years and as Faculty Advisor to the Student Art Gallery Association, where students learn to put on their own solo and group exhibits. Heidi is also a model to her students by continuing to exhibit her work professionally. She earned an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa in 2002 and a BFA in painting from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1994. Heidi most recently exhibited at the Amos Eno Gallery, an artist-run gallery in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Supawan King is an Associate Professor of Mathematics for the STEM Division of the College. She received her undergraduate studies at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, which she completed summa cum laude in 1994 with a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. She began her teaching career at the Mathematics Department of Prince of Songkla University. The Royal Thai Government awarded her a scholarship to pursue higher degrees abroad. She attended the University of Montana, Missoula in 1997, where she received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Applied Mathematics in 1998 and in 2002, respectively. She spent the academic years 2002-2005 as an Assistant Professor at Prince of Songkla University. In 2005, she returned to the United States and joined Harford Community College as an Instructional Support Specialist for the Math Center for two years. She has been teaching college math courses for the STEM division since 2006. She is particularly interested in student engagement and active learning in the classroom. She serves as the faculty sponsor for the Mu Alpha Theta-Math Honor Society Chapter at HCC. She is also a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) of an National Science Foundation (NSF) S-STEM grant that provides scholarships to support academically talented full-time students majoring in biology and engineering.

Jaclyn Madden is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Harford. She earned an M.S. in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in biology from Saint Vincent College. Madden is the Program Coordinator and student mentor for the WBHR Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation at HCC and a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) for HCC’s National Science Foundation (NSF) S-STEM program. She is serving as Program Committee Vice-Chair for the American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators and was a 2014-2015 ASM Biology Scholar. She is also the co-chair of a science and social studies fair at Fountain Green Elementary School. Her interests include utilizing student research experiences (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences) and active learning techniques in the classroom in order to increase student success and retention in STEM fields, especially for first-generation, nontraditional, and URM student populations.

As Manager for the Learning Center at HCC, Pamela Runge directly supports co-curricular teaching and learning. In addition to creating staff schedules, promoting online tutoring, and overseeing the operation of the Learning Center, Runge leads student success initiatives that have enhanced student learning. She seeks opportunities to participate in teaching and learning initiatives as demonstrated by her involvement in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). This year, Pam has instituted a variety of innovations inside and outside of the Learning Center. She instituted committees in the Learning Center where staff participate in either a Newsletter, Team Building, College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) tutor training, or the Best Practices committee. These committees have positively impacted the culture of the Learning Center by promoting staff collaboration and spotlighting best practices for assisting students in the Learning Center. Outside of the Center, Pam has spearheaded a collaboration with transitional English faculty in the Humanities division to pilot in-class success lessons for students in ENG 017. These embedded success lessons promote metacognition by helping students “learn how to learn.” The benefits are two-fold: students in the classroom learn strategies for understanding and mastering course content while learning about the services and benefits of using the Learning Center. She has also been the advisor to an Empowerment Club on campus. Her latest contribution to HCC involves holding and conducting Opioid Awareness events for fellow staff and faculty members.