Interested in being more knowledgeable about cyber security? This two-session course is designed for the novice, covering a variety of topics involving cyber security.

Cyber Security for the Novice

  • April 24 – May 1, 2018 (Tues.) 6 – 9:25 PM
  • University Center, Aberdeen, Room 134

This course incorporates discussion and prevention of the threats and vulnerabilities that we, as computer users, face each day. The class will discuss phishing, spoofing, social networking threats, cell phone threats, and insider threats. Accompanying these discussions will be steps to prevent these types of vulnerabilities and the overall cybersecurity goals for users in the office or home environments. Transcript available. Senior adult and disability tuition waivers do not apply. Tuition: $199. Fee: $20. Course: 25283. Call 443-360-9108.