A symbol of leadership, the sculpture was designed by Adam Scott Cook and funded by Winds of Leadership, the nonprofit, philanthropic arm for Harford Leadership Academy.

A new sculpture was recently installed on the patio of the Chesapeake Center at Harford Community College. Sculptor Adam Scott Cook (shown right) calls the design of this piece “Uplifting.”

In 2006, a group of Harford Leadership Academy graduates developed a mission to find worthy projects in Harford County and match them with leaders who could complete them. Since HLA had no legal means to fundraise, it formed the Winds of Leadership, the 501(c)(3) philanthropic arm of Harford Leadership Academy.

The first project funded by WINDS was replacing the sails on the Skipjack Martha Lewis, a local vessel used for teaching in Harford County. This project helped inspire the design of the sculpture now located on the HCC campus. HLA graduates conceived of the idea of creating a permanent work of art; originally, they wanted to create a monument to honor the leaders in our community. The Board later determined that due to cost constraints a sculpture would make more sense. The vision of a sail catching the force of the wind for speed and direction replicates the vision and mission of Winds of Leadership – to propel leaders to work together to complete good tasks in Harford County.

The design of the original monument was shared with Mike Fisher of Site Resources Inc., the company that created and designed the courtyard in front of the Chesapeake Center in 2010. Mike reached out to Paul Thompson, Architectural Design Works, who in turn reached out to Adam Scott Cook to modify the original plans into the current design; Paul was Adam’s mentor. Cook graduated from the John Carroll School and was an intern at Towson University.

HLA Board members, as well as Will Nori, Marlene Lieb, Mike Fisher, Terry Troy, Mary Kay Fishpaugh, and Dawn Hamilton, were instrumental in seeing this project to completion.

For years, HLA has been encouraging leaders to play an active role in Harford County. To inspire future leaders, Winds of Leadership raised funds to create a symbol of leadership on the grounds of Harford Community College. This symbol serves as a permanent recognition of the power of leadership in an effort to do the following: Influence people—from known leaders to students—to unite as leaders in support of Harford County; serve as a reminder of the impact and value of leadership efforts; and recognize the contributions of Harford Leadership Academy graduates.

HLA is a Community Leadership Development Program, co-sponsored by Harford Community College and the Harford County Chamber of Commerce. The Academy is designed to promote the development of existing and emerging leaders and to create a committed, involved, and diverse network of leaders in Harford County. More than 850 individuals have completed this outstanding program, including leaders representing the areas of business and industry, education, government and civic organizations.

Pictured (L to R): Artist Adam Scott Cook; Dr. Dianna G. Phillips, President of Harford Community College; Dr. James LaCalle, former President of Harford Community College; Mike Fisher, HLA Class of 1994; Will Nori, HLA Class of 2006; and Paul Thompson, President, Architectural Design Works