The Adult Developmental and Literacy department at Harford Community College is pleased to announce the addition of a new accelerated model course offered in a hybrid format for students working toward their GEDs. The course focuses on both reading and writing (Reasoning Through Language Arts), as well as the specialty subjects of science and social studies. The Aztec software platform is used for students to work independently online which allows them to focus on the specific subject areas they need to pass the GED exam. Instructors are able to see what each student is focusing on and learning, and the in-class portion of the course enables students to receive individualized instruction based on their needs.

The course is offered on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Edgewood branch of the Harford County Public Library. Students are able to access the Aztec system for online learning from home or from a computer in the public library. The next two-day advising session is February 24 and 25 for the spring courses beginning in late April. Click for the complete advising session schedule.

For further information, please contact Rhonda Davis at or 443-412-2115.