The Harford Community College Board of Trustees voted for no increase in tuition at the College for academic year 2020-2021 at its meeting held on June 9.

The Board decided that it was important to maintain current tuition rates to help keep college more affordable for students and their families during these challenging times. Many members of the College community have experienced the financial impact caused by COVID-19.

Due to concerns related to the pandemic, Harford will offer most fall semester courses online and will monitor the ever-changing situation to determine when it is safe to move into the next phase and begin offering hybrid and/or in-person classes. For courses with a clinical, lab or studio requirement that must meet on campus, the College will limit class sizes to small groups to meet state recommendations for in-person gatherings to reduce the spread of COVID-19. To help ensure the safety of students and employees, social distancing will be practiced and masks will be required on campus.

The College not only offers an affordable alternative for those looking to begin or continue studying at a quality higher education institution, but also allows students to remain safely at home while pursuing a degree. Harford has developed articulation agreements with several four-year institutions guaranteeing the acceptance of transfer credits. Students can complete a designated degree at HCC and then transfer seamlessly to those four-year colleges and universities.

Some four-year institutions have announced that they will begin the fall semester online, while others are striving to find ways to mitigate health risks associated with enrolling resident students and teaching classes in a face-to-face format. They are facing numerous challenges, including how to safely provide student supports including housing, dining, and health services.

Many students are reconsidering their decision to spend thousands of dollars more for virtual instruction at a four-year college or risk living away from home during these uncertain times and are finding that Harford is the smart choice for them, especially now.