Vivian Njizokokeh Neenforbah


There are many reasons why Vivian Njizokokeh Neenforbah could have given up on her dream of one day helping people in need.

After moving to the U.S from Cameroon in  with her husband over three years ago she had no job and no way of supporting her young family.

She was initially attracted to HCC’s non-credit nursing assistant program, but after speaking with an admission counselor she was encouraged to enroll as a credit student.

“As a child I always dreamed of becoming a doctor or a nurse,” says Vivian. “As I grew older I became the caregiver in my family and I enjoyed taking care of my family members. Unfortunately my father died and my mother could not afford to completely sponsor me through college, let alone medical or nursing school.”

After realizing that she could apply for financial aid Vivian began to seriously think about returning to school and pursuing her dream career.

It took her two years to complete her nursing prerequisite and during this time she made use of all the facilities HCC has to offer, especially the Learning Center.

“It’s a huge additional tool for students who have difficulties understanding class work," she explains. "The tutors at the learning center are students and current and retired instructors. The nursing program also has its own support system like the lab attendants who are always ready and willing to help students with new nursing skills.”

As a recipient of the Dr. Margaret L. Olivier Nursing Scholarship Vivian is able to balance the challenges of motherhood and school without the financial burden.

“Without these scholarships, I would have had no choice but to borrow or loan money to pay for school. My scholarships were used for tuition, books and uniforms. I was also able to save some money to pay for babysitting services. This allowed me to attend all my classes and have some spare time to study.”

In the near future Vivian hopes to be working as a nurse practitioner in a hospital or long-term care facility after furthering her studies at Towson University or the University of Maryland. The generosity of her scholarship donors has inspired her to change lives and has brought her one step closer to her goal.