FAQ OwlMail

What's my OwlMail Username?

HCC Email Address Format:

Student: myusername@owlmail.harford.edu.

Employee: myusername@harford.edu

I'm both a Student and Employee, do I get an OwlMail Account?

If you are both a student and an employee, you will have an Office 365 account, your supervisor will determine and request an employee account if appropriate.

How do I use OwlMail?

The link below will give you some general information about how to use different features of your email account, such as how to create a message, search your mailbox, setup rules and forwarding, etc

Outlook Training

How do I work with attachments?

Working with Attachments in Outlook

How Do I Setup OwlMail on my Mobile Device?

Mobile Device Set-up

How do I invite someone to an Event?

Please click the link below for instructions on how to invite someone to an event in Outlook:

Set-up an Event

How do I share my Calendar?

Please click the link below for instructions on how to share your calendar:

Share Calendar

I Have a Calendar Question Not Listed Here?

You can find more calendar help at Microsoft’s website:

Calendar Support