Classroom Configurations

Media Classrooms

Media classrooms are equipped with VCR/TV. Use of overhead projectors, tape recorders and slide projectors are available upon request from the library.

Networked Classrooms

Networked classrooms are equipped with networked PC instructor station and ceiling mounted video projection units.

Lecture/Classroom with Computer Teaching Stations

  • Aberdeen Hall - A101, A103, A109, A111, A115, A121, A124, A127, A128, A137, A138, SCIENCE ANNEX
  • Bel Air Hall - B101, B102, B103, B104, B201, B202, B207, B208, B227, B228, B233, B234, B235, B236, B240, B241, B242, B243
  • Edgewood Hall - E132, E165, E166, E207, E209, E215, E219, E222, E223, E231, E232
  • Fallston Hall - F102, F103, F106, F201, F202, F203, F204, F205, F206, F207, F208
  • Havre de Grace Hall - H104, H112, H113, H120, H206, H207, H208, H209, H212
  • Joppa Hall - J002, J003 (MAC), J004, J005 (MAC), J006, J007, J008, J009, J010, J011, J013, J018, J021, J023, J042, J050, J060, J107, J108, J112, J114 (MAC), J115
  • Maryland Hall - M007, M028, M030
  • Library - L111, L112, L113, L114, L214, L326
  • Susquehanna Center - S011
  • Student Center - SC241, SC243, 1 mobile multimedia cart
  • HECC - Z131, Z134, Z119, Z121, Z125, Z126, Z201, Z202, Z203, Z204, Z205
  • Edgewood Library - OELib136, OELib137, OELib135

Computer-Equipped Teaching Classrooms

Computer-equipped teaching classrooms are equipped with full network capabilities and one computer for each student.

Computer Classroom Information

Room # Computers Room # Computers
A102 12 PC L111 16 PC
A109 12 PC L112 17 PC
B235 21 PC L113 17 PC
J002 25 PC L114 23 PC
J003 20 MAC L215 12 PC
J004 25 PC L217 15 PC
J005 21 MAC L328 11 PC
J006 25 PC F106 25 PC
J007 25 PC E215 17 PC
J009 25 PC Z121 31 PC
J042 21 PC Z125 17 PC
J114 17 MAC Z126 21 PC

Cybersecurity Computer Labs Computers
J008 24 PC
J010 24 PC
J011 25 PC
Mobile Computer Labs Computers
Joppa Laptop Cart 16 PC
Bel Air Laptop Cart 15 PC
Aberdeen Laptop Cart 13 PC
CET Wireless Portable Classroom 16 Laptops

eLearning Open Lab Area

The eLearning Open Lab Area is configured to support student activities in a supervised environment. Open lab areas contain copies of all academic software used in classroom instruction. Technicians are available as needed.

Open Lab Location: First Floor Library L110