Strategic Plan

In spring 2012, Harford Community College then President Dr. Dennis Golladay approved the creation of a 25-member, broadly representative Strategic Planning Committee to develop a strategic plan for 2013 – 2017. The plan is intended to focus and guide the entire College, its units, and its resources toward the achievement of well-articulated goals. The plan will have a major impact on the College’s effectiveness and fulfillment of its mission.

  • Our mission describes our purpose and what we do.
  • Our vision states what HCC aspires to become and describes what we will provide to our students.
  • Our values reflect core beliefs that drive our actions.
  • Our goals define the broad areas on which the College will focus over the next five years, and
  • Our strategies identify the ways we plan to achieve our goals.

The plan is an evolving, dynamic document that will also allow the College to react to opportunities as they arise.

The assessment of the College’s progress in meeting its goals and implementing its strategies will be primarily the responsibility of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness (IRPE).

Mission, Vision & Values

HCC's core mission, its vision for the future, and the values embraced by its students and employees.

Strategic Plan Assessment

Updates on the achievement of HCC's strategic goals.

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Valerie Swain
Director for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness