HCC eLearning courses give students the opportunity to take classes from anywhere at any time. We support several online models for credit course delivery.

  • Online Courses:
    Online courses deliver course materials and learning activities completely online. Students may be required to complete activities at a location other than their home (e.g., assignments which require an activity within the community or courses which may include but is not limited to a field placement or internship, attend orientations, and/or take proctored exams at a testing center). To be successful in an online course, you must be an independent learner who is motivated, has good time management, has good computer skills, and have reliable Internet access.
  • Hybrid Courses:
    Hybrid courses deliver some course materials and learning activities online and some course materials and learning activities face-to-face.  Students will be required to come on campus for scheduled classes, labs, or other activities and to complete mandatory online work.  To be successful in a hybrid course, you will need to be motivated to work independently between class meetings, have good time management skills, and have reliable Internet access and basic computer skills.
  • Face-to-Face Courses:
    Face-to-face courses deliver instruction face-to-face in a physical location. Face-to-face courses may include use of technology applications such as e-mail, websites, a course management program or mobile technologies.

How you access your eLearning content depends on your registration status. Noncredit students should contact noncredit registration for assistance. Credit students should visit our FAQs for more information.

For additional information, contact our team:

Melissa Harris
443-412-2087 | mharris@harford.edu
Coordinator for eLearning

Greg Priebe
443-412-2147 | gpriebe@harford.edu
Arts and Humanities (AH), Integrated Business and Applied Technology (IBAT), and Education, Wellness, and Community Engagement (EWCE)

Richard Smith
443-412-2346 | rsmith@harford.edu
Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and Nursing and Allied Health Professions (NAHP)

Adam Fantom
443-412-2078 | afantom@harford.edu
Special Software and Faculty Technical Support and Training

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