Dennis Curran '09

Dennis Curran is the first in his family to finish high school. Thirty years after graduating and receiving extensive training in the military and industry, he walked across the HCC stage to receive an associate degree in technical and professional studies.

"Probably my most important accomplishment to date has been to realize my accomplishments are meaningless unless they positively impact the lives of others," Dennis said.

Dennis and his wife have made a four-year commitment to serve as missionaries to the Turkana people in northwestern Kenya. The Turkana are traditionally nomadic pastoralists, following the rains with their herds of cattle. For nearly a decade, their homeland has been plaqued by drought. This has created an increased dependency on relief aid. 

"Our sending agency, CMF International, has been working amongst the Turkana since 1995. Leaders of village after village consistently share that what they want most for their people are clean water, sustainable food, and education for their children ," he said. "Our goal will be to continue that excellent work by providing clean water wells and teaching methods of sustainable agriculture, so the Turkana people can feed themselves and not be dependent on relief efforts."