Arena Policies

  • ADA/ACCESIBILITY - The venues at HCC are designed with accessible parking, power assisted doors, restrooms, concessions, water fountains, ATMs, and seating areas. Please contact the Ticket Office for more information.
  • ADA TICKET FRAUD - Ticket fraud includes, but is not limited to, the misrepresentation of a disability. Harford Community College reserves the right to take appropriate action regarding misrepresentation, which may result in relocation, revocation of tickets, or ejection.
  • ANIMALS - Animals are not permitted inside the venues, with the exception of service animals and service animals in training for guests with disabilities. Please refer to PROHIBITED ITEMS for more information.
  • ATMs - An APG Federal Credit Union automated teller machine (ATM) is located in the APGFCU Arena on the main level by Section P. This ATM is available during Arena events and normal business hours. An ATM is also located on the Lower Level of Student Center accessible during normal building hours.
  • BAG SEARCH - All bags are subject to search upon entry and are subject to additional searches within the campus. Backpacks and bags larger than 8" x 11" x 12" are prohibited. Please refer to PROHIBITED ITEMS for more information.
  • BANNERS, SIGNS, & FLAGS - All signage must be handheld, event-related, in good taste, and cannot obstruct another guest's view. Signage may not contain commercial messages, logos, or political endorsements and may not be hung on the structure. Signs or flags on sticks or poles are not permitted. Management reserves the right to confiscate signs that are in violation of this policy.
  • BROADCASTS - Television and radio broadcast information is available by contacting the Marketing Dept.
  • CAMERAS - Camera use is event-specific and may be prohibited. Please contact the Marketing Dept. or Ticket Office for event information. If camera use is permitted, still cameras may be used provided that their use does not interfere with other guests' ability to enjoy the event. However, flash photography is not permitted as it may disrupt the performance/game. The use of video cameras is prohibited and these items will not be permitted inside the venues. Please refer to PROHIBITED ITEMS for more information. 
  • CELLULAR PHONES - The use of cellular phones is permitted provided that their use does not interfere with other guests' ability to enjoy the experience. We encourage you to be considerate of those around you.
  • CHILDREN'S TICKET POLICY - Everyone regardless of age must have ticket to be admitted and must be able to sit quietly throughout the performance. Strollers and car seats are not permitted in any venue. You may not leave a child for whom you are responsible (ages 12 and under) unattended at any time. We ask parents to respect the experience of fellow patrons by using discretion when bringing young children. Based on our experience and comments from patrons, we do not recommend theater performances for children under age 3. It is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian to research and judge the content of a performance or event as appropriate for their child's age/maturity. There is no official rating system for live performance. 
  • COMPLIMENTS, COMPLAINTS, & COMMENTS - Guests with a compliment, complaint, or comment may share it with Event Staff. Written feedback may be shared with the Ticket Office. 
  • CONCESSIONS - Concessions are available throughout APGFCU Arena on the main level by the entrance to APGFCU Arena and at kiosks located along the East Concourse. For your convenience, all concession stands at APGFCU Arena accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Concessions are not available at the Amoss Center, Chesapeake Center or Joppa Hall.
  • CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS - For information regarding corporate sponsorships, please contact the Arena General Manager or the Director for Cultural Events.
  • DIRECTIONSDirections to and from HCC.
  • DISABLED GUEST PARKING - Parking for guests with a disability are available at all Harford Community College parking lots. Additional information is available on the HCC Public Safety parking information page
  • DISABLED GUEST RESTROOMS - All restrooms are ADA compliant and accessible to our guests with disabilities. 
  • DISABLED GUEST SEATING - Disabled seating is available at all venues. Patrons requiring special seating arrangements must contact the Ticket Office two weeks prior to the event to purchase tickets. 
  • ELEVATOR - An elevator is located on the north side of APGFCU Arena and provides access to the Arena Floor Level. Elevators are not required at any other venue.
  • EMERGENCIES - Should you need immediate assistance, please notify the nearest Event Staff personnel. In the event of a serious emergency, all Event Staff and Harford County emergency response agencies are ready to assist all guests, including guests with a disability. Pertinent information regarding the emergency situation and evacuation procedures (if necessary) will be provided over the public address system.
  • EVENT STAFF -  Harford Community College promotes an atmosphere where all guests interact in a positive, thoughtful and friendly way. Event Staff will be positioned strategically throughout the venues to welcome patrons and provide assistance in helping all of our guests have the most enjoyable experience possible. Event Staff will be wearing credentials and distinguishable attire so they may be readily identified.
  • FIRST AID - Patrons requiring first aid should contact the nearest Event Staff personnel for assistance.
  • GATE/DOOR OPENING TIMES - Door opening depends on the event. Please contact the Ticket Office for more information.
  • GROUP TICKETS - Group tickets and seating may be available for certain events. Contact the Ticket Office at 443-412-2211 or www.Tickets.Harford.Edu. For Varsity Athletic group ticket information, please call 443-412-2591.
  • LATE ARRIVALS - Patrons arriving after the time printed on their tickets should not expect to be seated immediately or in their assigned seats. Late seating will not be permitted in seats that will disturb the continuity of the event or the enjoyment of those patrons who are already seated. The House Manager will seat late arriving guests at an appropriate point in the event which may not occur until intermission.
  • LOST & FOUND - Lost items may be turned in to any Event Staff personnel. All items will be sent to HCC Public Safey Lost and Found (443-412-2153). Items lost at events are held in a secured area for 30 days and are disposed of or donated to an appropriate charitable organization.
  • LOST CHILDREN & GUESTS - Lost children and guests should be taken to the nearest Event Staff member. Parents looking for a lost child should contact the nearest Event Staff member. 
  • MASCOT APPEARANCES - Guests have the opportunity to book The Fighting Owl for appearances at a birthday party, company party, grand opening, or other function. For more information on having The Fighting Owl appear at your events, please call 443-412-2226.
  • MEDIA CONTACT - All media requests should be directed to the Marketing Dept. 
  • MERCHANDISE - During events at the APGFCU Arena, merchandise is available at the kiosk located on the Arena concourse.
  • NATIONAL ANTHEM - Guests interested in performing the national anthem before an event at the APGFCU Arena should send a demo tape (audio or video) with a return address and phone number to:
  • Harford Community College
    Arena General Manager
    401 Thomas Run Road
    Bel Air, MD 21015
    Or contact us directly at 443-412-2570 for further information.


  • ON-STAGE/ON-COURT ACCESS - Only authorized and properly credentialed personnel are permitted on the theater staging areas and APGFCU Arena floor before, during, or after a game or performance. Any unauthorized person will be removed from the venue.
  • PARKING - Parking areas for events at the College are located on the Harford Community College Campus. A parking map is available.
  • PROHIBITED ITEMS - Harford Community College promotes good sportsmanship. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at performers, volunteers, staff, officials, students, athletes, coaches, or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the campus. Out of concern for the safety of our campus community, the following are prohibited: 
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Animals (except service animals to aid guests with disabilities)
    • Artificial Noisemakers
    • Backpacks / Bags over 8" x 11" x 12"
    • Bottles, cans, or other beverage containers
    • Coolers
    • Dangerous or Disruptive Behavior
    • Fireworks / firearms
    • Food or drink of any kind*
    • Illegal Substance
    • Laser pointers
    • Offensive Signage / Apparel
    • Re-Entry
    • Resale of tickets
    • Sign Poles or Sign Sticks
    • Skateboards / Bicycles
    • Soliciting / Loitering / Trespassing
    • Strollers
    • Throwing objects
    • Tobacco of any kind
    • Trespassing, soliciting, peddling, and loitering
    • Video cameras
    • Weapons

*Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs.

All persons and/or their belongings are subject to search. Guests are encouraged to return unauthorized items to their vehicles. Harford Community College cannot safeguard items which are not permitted on campus. Violators of the rules, or any state, county, or city laws will be refused admission or asked to leave. This policy is in effect for all guests who visit the campus.

  • PROMOTIONS - A complete schedule of promotions, including give-away items, is available by contacting HCC Athletics. Promotional items have individual restrictions and give-away dates are subject to change without prior notice. Please remember that a game ticket does not ensure or entitle the holder to a promotional item on that date, and that only one item will be distributed per person. Please be considerate of other guests by taking only one promotional item.
  • PUBLIC ADDRESS - No appeals will be made over the public address system except under extraordinary circumstances. Requests of an emergency nature should be addressed to the nearest event staff personnel.
  • QUESTIONS - Questions not answered in this A-Z information guide may be directed to the Ticket Office. 
  • RADIOS & TELEVISIONS - Handheld radios, music devices and televisions are not permitted inside the venues.
  • RECYCLING - Harford Community College is an advocate of recycling. Please use the recycling containers conveniently located throughout campus.
  • RE-ENTRY - Guests may not exit and re-enter the venues using the same ticket. However, in case of an emergency, exceptions may be made. Please see Event Staff for infomation.
  • RENTAL INFORMATION - Information on renting the spaces at HCC can be obtained by contacting the Events & Conferencing Office at 443-412-2117.
  • RESTROOMS - All restrooms are accessible to guests with disabilities. 
  • SCHEDULES/CALENDARS - Please visit for up-to-date event information.
  • SEASON TICKETS - Season tickets may be available for certain events. Please contact the Ticket Office at 443-412-2211.
  • SEATING DIAGRAM - A seating diagram of APGFCU Arena is posted on as well as  Tickets.Harford.Edu.
  • SMOKING - Harford Community College has a zero tolerance tobacco policy. Tobacco products are not permitted to be used while on College property.
  • STUDENT PRICING - HCC Students receive discounted tickets for certain events. Please contact the Ticket Office for information. 
  • TICKETS - For ticket information, please contact the Ticket Office at 443-412-2211, or Tickets.Harford.Edu.
  • TICKET REPLACEMENT POLICY - For information on replacing lost or stolen tickets, please contact the Ticket Office at 443-412-2211. 
  • TICKET RESALE - The resale of tickets on College property is strictly prohibited.
  • TOURS OF APGFCU ARENA, AMOSS CENTER, CHESAPEAKE THEATER - Private tours of the venues can be scheduled. For more information, please contact the APGFCU Arena General Manager at 443-412-2570 or Director for Cultural Events at 443-412-2340.
  • VIDEO CAMERAS - Video cameras are not permitted at the venues and no storage of these items will be provided for guests. Please refer to PROHIBITED ITEMS.
  • WEBSITE - Please visit please visit Harford Community College for additional College information.
  • WILL CALL - General will call for events is located at the box office at each venue. Generally, the box office at each venue will open 45 minutes prior to the performance for in person ticket sales and will call ticket pickup. Identification is required to pick up tickets left at Will Call.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE SPECTATOR CODE OF CONDUCT - Please behave responsibly while on campus. Threatening physical actions, throwing objects of any type, and disorderly or disruptive conduct will result in immediate removal and denial of access to future events. 

Contact Information

Stacy Rutherford
Arena General Manager