News Media Policies and Filming at Harford Community College

All buildings, facilities and grounds that make up the Harford Community College campus are private property and are subject to restrictions allowable by law. The following policies are designed to ensure that College events and daily activities are conducted without disruption and that each student’s right to privacy is respected.

Members of the news media must contact Nancy Dysard, Director for Communications, at 443-412-2408, or Sheila Terry, Assistant Director for Public Relations, 443-412-2422, for permission, guidance, and escort assignments.

Student Privacy

The rights of students not to be photographed, filmed or interviewed must be respected. Advance written permission from each student is required. In general, if a student has agreed to be interviewed or if a student group has approached a media outlet to cover a student event, permission will be granted as long as the media agrees to comply with these policies.

Media who seek interviews before or after an event must do so in approved outdoor spaces, so as not to impede attendees entering or exiting the event. Media and film crews are not allowed to enter classrooms without the advance permission of the instructor. Classes in progress must not be interrupted.

Event Access

Some College events are not open to the media for filming. Events that are open typically require advance registration. Contact the Office of Communications for more information.

To gain access, media must agree to comply with all policies and must display valid credentials. Media who have not registered will not be permitted access.

Media attending events must remain seated in a designated section unless permission is given to move elsewhere. Media is not allowed inside classrooms, the library, or other interior spaces unless special permission is granted in advance by the Office of Communications and the Office of Public Safety.

Photography, Film, and Videotape

Media seeking to use any type of camera on campus must contact the Office of Communications in advance. A detailed description of what images are requested along with names of individuals to be interviewed is required. The request must be accompanied by a specific date, time of arrival and departure from campus, and names of all crew members.

Requests must be limited to regular business hours, excluding national holidays and other days when campuses are closed to media. Individuals or crews using cameras must be accompanied at all times by a member of the Communication's team or an assigned College escort. Media that has been granted permission to enter the campus must clearly display valid credentials.

Cameras are not allowed inside any campus buildings unless permission is granted. Requests to obtain "broadcast roll" on campus also requires permission and an assigned escort.

Equipment and Parking

Media parking is only permitted on campus in lots open to the general public. Crews with large amounts of equipment may request permission to unload at a specific location.