Disability and Student Intervention Services

Disability and Student Intervention Services is dedicated to helping students with documented disabilities access all of the educational opportunities and services offered by the College.

There are significant differences in how students obtain accommodations in college than in high school. Academic accommodations are not automatically put in place; students must be self advocates and request services. Students who wish to obtain accommodations for their classes must follow Disability and Student Intervention Services (DSIS) procedures:

  1. Complete the online intake form and submit documentation of a disability to our office:
    • Use our online intake form: Harford Accommodate
    • Submit documentation by uploading it directly within Harford Accommodate or in-person delivery at the time of your DSIS Orientation appointment.
    • Please note, once your intake form has been submitted, DSIS will contact you to schedule your DSIS Orientation with a DSIS Advisor.
  2. Schedule and attend your DSIS Orientation. During the orientation you will:
    • Complete our registration forms and discuss the documentation you submitted.
    • Provide details about barriers you experience in your academics.
    • Discuss accommodations that would work best for you and how to set up those accommodations.
    • Please note, you are not considered fully registered with the office until you have completed your DSIS Orientation, provided documentation, and been approved for accommodations.
  3. DSIS will contact you regarding accommodations. If approved, you will receive an email to your Harford Owlmail account instructing you how to request and secure your accommodations through Harford Accommodate:
    • Follow the link provided in the email.
    • Log into Harford Accommodate to make your semester request for accommodations.
    • Once your Semester Request is approved, a copy of your Accommodation Memos will be available to you and your instructor(s) through Harford Accommodate. You will need to contact your instructor to set up a time to discuss your accommodations (i.e. either through face-to-face meeting or electronically).
    • Please note, you can contact DSIS at any time if you have questions or concerns about your accommodations.

Once registered with DSIS, students will be assigned to a DSIS Advisor. The DSIS Advisor will assist in developing an educational plan that considers the impact of the disability on educational and career plans. Appointments with the assigned DSIS advisor are required for DSIS Orientation, Academic, Career and Transfer Advising.

Information for Parents and family members of Harford students is available on our Parents pages. Designed for all new Harford parents, this information will familiarize you with Harford Community College and everything we have to offer.