Strategies for Success

Several excellent resources for learning strategies and study skills can be found below.

The links on this page go to the forms that must be completed prior to meeting with
Courtney Gurrera for a Student Success Plan.

  1. Set goals for the semester
  2. Manage your time effectively
    • Use your course syllabus to plan projects and assignments
    • Use a planner and make a daily to-do list.Time Schedule Grid
  3. Determine the best learning strategies for you. Learning Style Inventory
  4. Follow the Study Cycle:
    • Preview upcoming textbook chapters before class
    • Attend class and take meaningful notes
    • Review notes immediately after class
    • Plan 3-5 short study sessions per day
    • Assess. Ask yourself, “Can I explain this to someone else?”
  5. Read and think critically. Please refer to the following resources:
  6. Stay in touch with your instructors
  7. Ask for help early and often
  8. Meet with the Student Success Specialist to develop a success plan

Visit the Student Resources for Additional Study Tips!