Cooperative Education and Internship Guidelines


The Cooperative Education/Internship program is an educational program that provides a well-balanced combination of college study and periods of "hands-on" experience in a work setting.  Students generally pursue these types of experiences for college credit toward their program of study.

It is the policy of Harford Community College not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, national origin, sex, or disability in its education programs, activities, and employment as required by specific Acts of Congress and Federal Regulations.

These experiences:

  • Integrate classroom theory with workplace practice
  • Provide employers with additional staffing for projects and assignments
  • Help create on-going relationships between employers, HCC and the community
  • Provide a learning opportunity for employers and students in relation to training, operating and organizational procedures
  • Usually last one academic semester (minimum of 112 hours to earn 3 credits to be completed in fall, spring, or summer
  • Provide the opportunity to evaluate potential employees and to participate in and influence the education process

Questions to consider:

Will you be able to provide meaningful and valuable projects for the student that relates to his/her career interests and goals?

Meaningful projects/tasks allow the student to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a work setting. 

Will the student have a direct supervisor to report to for assignments, questions and support?

The work site supervisor provides the student with adequate supervision and an orientation to the workplace, assists the student with creating a work schedule that is agreeable to both the student and the employer, and assists in creating/approving learning objectives (goals) for the experience.

Will the student be provided with ongoing constructive feedback orally and in writing (including two completed evaluation forms)?

The worksite supervisor agrees to participate in a site visitation by the Faculty Sponsor and complete a mid-semester and final evaluation of the student’s performance. The worksite supervisor has the right to terminate any student who has violated the requirements of the cooperative education/internship.