Financial Aid Forms

If you have completed your FAFSA, you may need to complete some of these forms. To determine the forms you need, log-in to your OwlNet account, All About Me Tab. Any requested forms will be listed on the left hand side.

Click on the required form to open it. If you are unable to access the forms via OwlNet, you may access them here. If you have any questions about required forms please contact

Submitting Required Forms for Financial Aid

If you need to submit documents to our office, you may do so through fax or email.

All emailed documents MUST be submitted to the Financial Aid office through your HCC email account. Verification documents must be signed with an actual signature (not electronic) and labeled with your HCC Student ID number. In order to protect your privacy, please do not email personal identification information, such as a social security number or date of birth. You should cross off this information with a black marker before emailing.

You can reach Financial aid by

Fax: 443-412-2169 | Email:

New Online CHAT! Look for the Orange chat bubble on OwlNet - All About me tab or on the Financial Aid main webpage.

To create PDFs of documents to be sent to our office, you can scan documents using your smart device.

For Android users: Google Drive has an out-of-sight option for scanning documents via your smartphone’s camera and then saving them as PDF files within your cloud storage. You can find it by opening the Drive app and tapping the blue “+” icon in the bottom-right corner and then selecting “Scan.”

For Apple users: Using an iPhone or iPad, you can use the “Notes” app. Open a new note, press the camera button, and choose the option “Scan document.” Once the document is scanned, you can email it.

Please be sure to email documents to the Financial Aid office using only your OwlMail email address. You may need to email the scan from your phone email account to your OwlMail account first, before sending it to our office.