Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal regulations require that HCC track the academic progress of students from the first date of enrollment at HCC (including while dually enrolled in High School), whether or not financial aid was received. Student's progress must be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. That is, in addition to a minimum grade point average requirement, a student must complete a minimum percentage of course work and must complete the degree or certificate requirements within a maximum time frame.

HCC measures the progress of each student after each semester or payment period. Failure to meet SAP GPA and Completion/Pace requirements will result in a student being placed on WARNING. At HCC, students get one semester of warning. If the student has not improved the GPA and/or Completion/Pace rate by end of the warning semester, the student is terminated from future financial aid until the student is meeting SAP requirements. Students who exceed the Maximum Time Frame (90-105 credits) are not placed on warning; they are terminated from financial aid at the end of the semester when they cannot complete their program within 150% of its length.

Minimum Grade Point Average

Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (or minimum GPA for major). Transitional studies course* grades are calculated into the GPA for SAP purposes.

Maximum Timeframe

A student pursuing an Associate degree (approximately 60-70 credits) may attempt or transfer in up to 90-105 credits (150% of degree requirement). A student who habitually does not complete attempted credits may exceed the maximum time frame for completion before he or she has earned a degree and will be terminated from receiving any financial aid at HCC. If a student changes majors while at HCC, credits taken in all majors while at HCC will be included in the maximum timeframe calculation.

Minimum Complete/Pace Rate

Students must successfully complete** at least 67% of cumulative attempted credits*** at HCC. Transitional studies courses (zero level), repeated courses, transfer credits and withdrawals are included in this calculation. A successful completion is defined as the grade of A, B, C, or D, TR (transfer), ML (military) and AP (Advanced Placement). The grades of F, W, M, N, I or K are not considered as successful completion of the attempted credits.  If a student received an I (Incomplete) grade for a course and later successfully completes the course, the student must notify the Financial Aid Office and request a review of his or her completion/pace rate.

*Transitional Studies Courses:  Courses below 100 level. They are noted with an * next to grade on student transcript.

**Completed Credits: Any class on student transcript with grade of A, B, C or D, including transitional studies courses and repeated courses; transfer (TR) credits, AP credits, military (ML) credits.

***Attempted Credits: ALL courses on student transcript, including transitional studies courses, transfer credits, military, and AP. If a student repeats a course previously taken, both the original and the repeated course are counted as attempted credits.