Employee Programs

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Personalized Program Instruction

The Fitness Center offers individual exercise program instruction to both full and part time employees and staff.

Initial program consults are scheduled by appointment, and Individual exercise programs are designed to facilitate independent Fitness Center usage.

First Appointment: 30-minute Consult

The purpose of a consult is to gather information relevant to exercise participation, such as personal goals, reasonable expectations, possible physical limitations, past exercise participation, and equipment preferences.  A Fitness Center Professional develops an individualized exercise program to promote independent exercise. 

Subsequent Appointments: 30-60 minutes Program Instruction

At the end of the consult, employees are scheduled for 1 to 2 program instruction sessions.  Proper equipment usage, safe exercise progression, and tools for tracking progress are presented.

Full Time Employee Dependent, Spouse/Partner Program

Dependents and Spouses/Partners of full time employees are eligible to use the Fitness Center during Open Recreation hours.  Access to the Fitness Center requires a Family Identification badge.  For additional enrollment information, employees should contact Michelle Fredenrich in the Human Resources Office at mfredenrich@harford.edu or 443-412-2378.