Mitigating Cirumstances

Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course due to Mitigating Circumstances

If a student drops a course or withdraws from school after the drop period and receives a non-punitive grade, the Veterans Association will reduce benefits effective the first day of the term unless mitigating circumstances are found. Mitigating circumstances are circumstances beyond the student's control that prevent the student from continuing in school or that cause the student to reduce credits.

Examples are:

  • An illness or injury afflicting the student during the enrollment period.
  • An illness or death in the student’s immediate family.
  • An unavoidable change in the student’s conditions of employment.
  • An unavoidable geographical transfer resulting from the student’s employment.
  • Immediate family or financial obligations beyond the control of the claimant that require him or her to suspend pursuit of the program of education to obtain employment.
  • Discontinuance of the course by the school.
  • Unanticipated active military service, including active duty for training.
  • Unanticipated difficulties with childcare arrangements the student has made for the 

Acceptable mitigating circumstances must be provided in order to pay benefits for the period of attendance prior to the drop date. If they are not provided and accepted, any benefits paid from the beginning date of the term will be considered an overpayment, and a debt may be established.

Mitigating circumstances may be claimed by submitting documented evidence when you withdraw or otherwise incur an overpayment. Claims may be submitted on a VA Form 21-4138 with an explanation of the circumstances. The VA decides whether to accept mitigating circumstance.