Testing Availability


Harford Community College uses the Accuplacer™ battery of tests as an assessment of academic skills. Most students take Writing, Reading, Math (Quantitative, Reasoning, Algebra & Statistics). Depending on your experience with Algebra, you may be given either or both of the Math modules. The test, although untimed, usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

Taking the Accuplacer™ Online

While the Accuplacer™ is typically offered on campus in our Test Center, we are temporarily testing remotely using Office 365 Microsoft Teams. To test, you will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a webcam and audio capabilities. The Accuplacer™ test requires no real computer skill to complete as questions are answered by simply clicking the mouse on the correct answer. Test takers can access an on screen calculator for certain math questions. Tests begin with sample questions designed to illustrate the types of test questions the examinee will see during the test. Appointments are set for 2 hours but if more time is needed you may set another appointment and continue testing.

Scheduling the Accuplacer™ Online

Please review the Student Quick Guide for Accuplacer™ Testing and schedule your test appointment. Use of Google Chrome browser is preferred. Same day appointments may be possible depending on proctor availability. Please see Checklist for Accuplacer Technology Check-in.

Unable to Complete Accuplacer™ Online?

If you do not have adequate computer access or are not otherwise able to complete the Accuplacer™ online, the following options may be available for placement purposes:

English Readiness Assessment

If you have technology limitations you may take Harford’s in-house English readiness assessment through Blackboard. This test has two areas: The Writing Assessment and the Reading Assessment. If you are a new student who needs guidance on which part to take, contact the Office of Admissions. If you are a current student who needs guidance on which part to take, contact your advisor. Please know that it may take a few days before you receive the results of your test. Your scores will be posted on your My Grades in Blackboard. This test can only be taken once. The score on this assessment is not transferable.

Math Placement Guidance

Use this guide to determine if there are other assessments you may have taken and that can be used for math placement. Math Placement Guidance Information.

Advanced Math Readiness Test

Most students should take Accuplacer. The Advanced Math Readiness test is only for students who have Pre-Calculus or above experience and need placement for Math 109, Math 203, and Math 212. For more information, please contact Dr. Supawan King at sking@harford.edu. Advanced Math Readiness Assessment through Blackboard.

Accuplacer™ Retesting Online

Students are allowed two FREE Accuplacer™ testing attempts. Any attempts made prior to the test going online will be counted. Starting with the third attempt, a $25 fee will be assessed for each attempt. Payment is due prior to the assessment and can be completed online at Test Center Test Payments, and choose Academic Skills Retest option. Accuplacer™ scores are valid for two years and the highest scores within two years are used for placement. Click here to make Testing Payment to Test Center.

Transfer of Accuplacer™ Scores

If you have valid Accuplacer™ scores from test taken at another institution within the past two years, you may use them for placement at Harford Community College. If you have a copy of your previous Accuplacer™ scores, email it to testcent@harford.edu. If you do not have a copy of your scores you must complete the Score Transfer Request Form and email the form with a copy of your valid photo ID with signature to testcent@harford.edu. We will forward your request to the institution but are not responsible if the scores are not received in time for registration.

If you would like a copy of your scores sent to another institution, contact Accuplacer™. You must have an email address in your Accuplacer™ student profile to use this transfer request process.

Do You Need to Test?

While the Accuplacer™ test helps determine Math and English placements for your first semester, some students already have qualifying scores that exempt them from taking the tests.

You Are Exempt if You:

  • Already have an associate or Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have a High School GPA of 3.0
    Applicants will be required to submit official high school transcripts. The 3.0 GPA should be: cumulative, unweighted on a 4.0 scale, current within 5 years. Cumulative, unweighted GPAs from the end of junior year will be accepted for students who are currently still attending high school.
  • Have Qualifying Assessment Scores (SAT, ACT, PARCC, Accuplacer™, AP or IB Approved Assessments). An official copy of qualifying scores should be sent to admissions@harford.edu for review and consideration.
  • For ENGLISH exemption, you must have one of the below qualifying scores:
    - SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing score of 480 or higher
    - ACT English and Reading score of 21 or higher
    - PARCC English 10 OR 11 score of 4 or higher (750 or higher scaled score)
    - GED Reasoning through Language Arts score of 165 or higher
    - AP English Language & Composition OR English Literature & Composition score of 3 or higher
    - IB Lang. A: Literature SL or HL OR Lang. A: Language & Literature SL or HL score of 4 or higher
  • For MATH exemption, you must have one of the below qualifying scores:
    - SAT Math Score of 530 or higher (570 will place students in Math 109)
    - ACT Math Score of 21 or higher
    - PARCC Algebra II score of 4 or higher (750 or higher scaled score)
    - GED Math scores of 165 or higher are eligible for Math 216 or Math 102.
    - AP Calculus AB/BC OR Statistics OR Computer Science score of 3 or higher
    - IB Math Studies or Math SL/HL OR Further Math score of 4 or higher

NOTE: Students needing college algebra or pre-calculus or above for program of study must take the Accuplacer™ test or a math readiness test.

If you do not meet any of the above listed criteria, you will need to take the Accuplacer™ test.

Prior Learning Assessments

Tests such as such as CLEP and DSST are currently unavailable. Please reach out to your advisor if you have questions.

Biology for Allied Health Assessment

For students who need to test out of BIO 119, this assessment is available remotely through Blackboard. Biology for Allied Health Assessment.

For other testing inquiries and questions, please email testcent@harford.edu.



If you have a documented disability and need testing accommodations other than extended time and access to an on-screen calculator, email disabilitysupport@harford.edu before scheduling your testing appointment.