Test Center Procedures

The Test Center Mission

The HCC Test Center supports the institution’s vision and mission by providing high quality test administration services. We support student success and achievement through a stress-free, positive, and secure testing environment for students, faculty and community members. We adhere to the professional standards and guidelines set by the National College Testing Association and bound by the privacy restrictions set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

General Procedures For Using The Test Center

1. ID Requirements:  You must show a photo ID before being given a test. Please see the Photo ID Requirement link to determine the type of ID required.

2. When testing in the Test Center, you must sign in and agree to the Statement of Understanding at the front desk. 

3. Cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices, including those devices that have the capability to record and capture pictures are not allowed in the Test Center.  Food and drinks are not permitted in the testing rooms.  In addition, purses, keys, books and backpacks must be stowed in one of our storage lockers.   Please remember to bring a quarter with you when you come to the Test Center.

4. We supply scrap paper. All scrap paper—used and unused—must be turned in with the test or quiz.

5. Please bring an appropriate writing utensil when you come to take a test.

6. Be your own advocate. Make sure we’ve given you the right test or quiz. Don't forget to put your name on any test or quiz to be certain you get credit for the work you do.

7. Only people who are taking a test are allowed in our testing rooms.  The Test Center staff cannot be responsible for children or adults who require care and supervision. Leaving a child (ages 12 and under) unattended at the hallway of the Test Center while taking a test is prohibited.

8. Rest room breaks are not allowed.