Distant Proctoring Information

FOR HCC STUDENTS (Testing at Distant Location):

The Test Center can facilitate exam delivery to students who live outside the HCC local area. Please allow at least two weeks to process your request. The following information is needed from the instructor and student:


** Proctoring services will not be available February 13, March 14- 22, and May 9- 16. If your test deadlines are during these dates, then you will need to locate a different proctor for your tests. **

The Test Center will proctor non-HCC exams on weekdays only from Monday to Friday, depending on proctor availability. Appointments are required. Below are the steps to follow when requesting HCC Test Center to proctor your exams:

  • Students must contact their institution to request to test at the HCC Test Center.
  • Provide the HCC proctor's contact information to your institution.
    • Name of Proctor: Teresa Stephens (Assistant Manager for Test Center)
    • Address: HCC Test Center, Maryland Hall
      401 Thomas Run Road
      Bel Air, MD 21015
    • Phone: 443-412-2352
    • Email: testcent@harford.edu
    • Fax: 443-412-2397
  • Once approved by your institution to take the test at HCC, contact the Test Center at 443-412-2352 at least a week prior to your desired test date to schedule an appointment or send an email to testcent@harford.edu.
  • The complete testing instruction and information will be sent by the institution to HCC Test Center either by mail, fax or email.
  • The proctoring fee is $25 per exam and payable by check or charge card on the day of your testing.
  • If your school does not provide return postage for a paper-pencil exam, please bring a paid postage, USPS Priority Mail or, if required by your institution, a traceable pre-paid UPS/FedEx envelope.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices (such as personal laptops, tablets, etc.) are not allowed in the Test Center.

Contact Information

Teresa Stephens
Phone: 443-412-2095
Fax: 443-412-2397


Fallston Hall and the Library